Stanford University State-Level Climate Polling Data

On November 13, 2013, Stanford University Professor Jon Krosnick released new state level data on Americans’ views on climate change.  Click on the map or list below to download a fact sheet on the climate polling data for each state.  Professor Krosnick is the Frederic O. Glover Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at Stanford University and a Senior Fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.   For more information about Professor Krosnick’s work, visit  To view several maps of the United States that display Professor Krosnick's key findings, visit this page.  Video of Professor Krosnick's presentation is available online here
Methodology: To generate the state-level data, Professor Krosnick and Stanford University Visiting Scholar Bo MacInnis combined the results of the best national surveys over the past decade of Americans’ opinions about climate change.  This large dataset gave Krosnick and MacInnis sufficient data to estimate public opinion in 46 states.  Their methodology made statistical adjustments to account for differences in survey methodologies and changes in public opinion over time.
Note: Data not available for Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia.  Questions without adequate survey responses are marked with "n/a."



Alabama Maine Oklahoma
Arizona Maryland Oregon
Arkansas Massachusetts Pennsylvania
California Michigan Rhode Island
Colorado Minnesota South Carolina
Connecticut Mississippi South Dakota
Delaware Missouri Tennessee
Florida Montana Texas
Georgia Nebraska Utah
Idaho Nevada Vermont
Illinois New Hampshire Virginia
Indiana New Jersey Washington
Iowa New Mexico West Virginia
Kansas New York Wisconsin
Kentucky North Carolina  
Louisiana Ohio