Waxman: “This is a know-nothing, do-nothing approach to the most challenging environmental problem of our time.”

Mar 10, 2011

Disregarding calls from health professionals, scientists and the world’s leading climate experts to address the impacts of climate change, today, the Republican majority will hold a markup on H.R. 910, legislation that would amend the Clean Air Act and block the EPA from regulating dangerous carbon emissions. The Upton-Inhofe bill overturns proven scientific findings that carbon pollution endangers the health of Americans. It repeals the greenhouse gas reporting rule and removes the EPA’s authority to require energy efficiency at power plants and refineries.

Related Letters:

  • Letter from Scientists: "The EPA must be allowed to fulfill its responsibilities and take action to regulate global warming emissions under the Clean Air Act. This science-based law has prevented 400,000 premature deaths and hundreds of millions of cases of respiratory and cardiovascular disease during the 40 years since it was first passed—all without diminishing economic growth."  
  • Letter from Former Senior Military Officers: "America’s dependence on oil constitutes a clear and present danger to the security and welfare of the United States. As former senior military officers, we are concerned about Congressional efforts to undermine the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory authority that is critical to reducing our dependence on oil."
  • Letter from Health and Medical Professionals: "Please fulfill the promise of clean, healthy air for all Americans to breathe. Support full implementation of the Clean Air Act and resist any efforts to weaken, delay or block progress toward a healthier future for all Americans." 
  • Letter from the American Public Health Association: "Cimate change is a public health issue and is one of the greatest threats to human health. Scientists from across the globe have stated in the strongest possible terms that the climate is changing and that human activity is to blame."
  • Letter from Environmental Organizations: "This reckless legislation puts America’s health, prosperity, and national security at risk by gutting the Clean Air Act, overturning a decision of the Supreme Court, and dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to address life-threatening carbon dioxide and other pollution."
  • Letter from Consumers Union: "We need to move forward on the progress made by the Clean Air Act, which has accomplished so much in improving our quality of life."
  • Letter from Health Organizations: "This legislation would block the EPA from setting sensible safeguards to protect public health from the effects of air pollution."
  • Letter from Air Resources Board: "I urge you to protect the health and security of Americans by retaining the existing system in the Clean Air Act for establishing motor vehicle emission standards."
  • Letter from Small Business Majority: "We urge you to help small businesses succeed by opposing this bill and continuing to support the EPA and its responsible enforcement of the Clean Air Act so that small businesses, and the millions of workers they employ, can keep taking advantage of its numerous benefits."
  • Letter from the American Lung Association: "A recent  bipartisan survey... indicates the overwhelming view of voters: 69 percent think the EPA should update Clean Air Act standards with stricter limits on air pollution; 64 percent feel that Congress should not stop the EPA from updating  carbon dioxide emission standards; 69 percent believe that EPA scientists, rather than Congress, should set pollution standards."