Waxman and Markey Release Republican Draft

Legislation Would Substitute Politics for Science, Strip EPA and State Authority to Regulate Carbon Emissions
Feb 2, 2011

Today Committee on Energy and Commerce Ranking Member Henry A. Waxman and Committee on Natural Resources Ranking Member Edward J. Markey released a Republican discussion draft that would assault the Clean Air Act – one of the nation’s landmark public health laws.  The draft was obtained from industry lobbyists.  

The legislative draft includes the following radical proposals: 

  • It would legislatively repeal a scientific determination that carbon pollution poses serious threats to public health and the environment.  This determination was based on the best available science.  
  • It would strip EPA’s authority to regulate carbon pollution.  EPA is using this commonsense authority to ensure that large sources of pollution like power plants and oil refineries are energy efficient.  
  • It overturns the landmark Supreme Court case, Massachusetts v. EPA.  
  • It prevents carbon pollution standards for cars and trucks from ever being strengthened or revised.  
  • It blocks the ability of states to cut carbon pollution from cars and trucks.  

Rep. Waxman issued the following statement in response to the proposal to block the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act:

“The Republicans have a lot of power, but they can’t amend the laws of nature.  Gutting the Clean Air Act is only going to make our problems worse.  This proposal threatens public health and energy security, and it undermines our economic recovery by creating regulatory uncertainty.”

Rep. Markey said, “The groundhog didn’t see his shadow today, signaling that spring is on the way.  However, Republicans in Washington seem bound and determined to deliver an interminable winter of environmental and economic discontent for Americans who want cleaner air, water and more clean energy jobs created here in America.”