Rep. Waxman Statement on EPA Proposed Regulation on Power Plant Emissions

Jun 2, 2014

Today Ranking Member Henry A. Waxman released the following statement on the proposed regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cut power plant emissions:

“The proposal is a major step forward.  Acting now will protect public health, slow global warming, and create new clean energy jobs.  Doing nothing will lead to catastrophic changes in the climate and endanger our health and economy.  The proposal takes the nation in the right direction at a crucial crossroads. 

“We are a can-do country and will be able to achieve the reasonable reductions required by the rule.  Industry always exaggerates the impact of clear air regulations.  But the history of the Clean Air Act shows we can have both a clean environment and a strong economy.  

“The carbon pollution standards are especially strong in their early years.  They establish a foundation upon which President Obama and Congress can build to ensure we protect our planet for our children and lead the way in creating the clean energy economy of the future.”