Rep. Waxman Questions Special Treatment for Koch Industries

Republicans Refuse to Invite Koch to Testify
Feb 1, 2012

Today Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Henry A. Waxman sent a letter to Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton and Energy and Power Subcommittee Chairman Ed Whitfield questioning why Koch Industries appears to be receiving special treatment from the Committee. On Monday, Chairman Whitfield sent a letter to Koch Industries acknowledging the Democratic request for Koch’s testimony under Rule XI, but the letter explicitly does not invite Koch to send a witness to the hearing.

The complete witness list for the February 3, 2012, Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing on the Keystone XL pipeline project is available below.

Panel 1

  • Margaret Gaffney-Smith, Chief, Regulatory Program, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Confirmed)
  • Mike Pool, Deputy Director (Operations), Bureau of Land Management (Confirmed)

Panel 2

  • Charles G. Koch, Chairman and CEO, or his representative 
  • Alex Pourbaix, President, Energy and Oil Pipelines, TransCanada Corporation 
  • Steven M. Anderson, Brigadier General (Retired), U.S. Army (Confirmed)
  • Randall F. Thompson, Nebraska rancher (Confirmed)