New Report Reveals Climate Disconnect

Members Representing Congressional Districts with Record High Temperatures Voted Against Climate Change Measures
Jul 9, 2013

Today Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Henry A. Waxman released a new report that compares the climate change voting records of members of Congress in the 112th Congress with the temperatures experienced in 2012 in the districts they currently represent.  It finds a widespread "climate disconnect" in the voting records of the Republican members representing the districts most affected by the soaring temperatures in 2012. 

“House Republicans are denying the science and disregarding the growing evidence of climate change,” said Rep. Waxman.  “The longer Republicans refuse to take action, the more all Americans, including their own constituents, will suffer the extreme impacts of climate change.  They are endangering present and future generations by their reckless refusal to listen to the scientists.”

The report finds that Republican members representing the districts most affected by record high temperatures cast anti-climate votes 96% of the time in the 112th Congress. No similar "climate disconnect" was found in the voting records of House Democrats. Democratic members representing districts most affected by high temperatures voted 86% of the time to uphold the Administration’s authority to address climate change or to act to address climate change.

The report assessed record temperatures based on several measurements:  (1) the number of record-setting daily high temperatures across all weather stations in each district; (2) the individual weather station with the greatest number of daily record high temperatures in each district; (3) the ratio of record high to record low temperatures in each district; and (4) the amount by which temperatures exceeded long-term averages in each district.  These measurements were compared against each member’s voting record in the 112th Congress. 

The full report prepared by the Democratic staff of the Energy and Commerce Committee is available here.

An interactive map, available below and online here provides information on record temperatures for each congressional district in the country and the climate voting record of the member representing the district.


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