Democratic Staff Release Memorandum on Comparison of Affordable Care Act and Medicare Part D Enrollment Rates

Mar 18, 2014

Today the Democratic Staff of the Energy and Commerce Committee released a memo to Democratic members and staff which compares current Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment trends to Medicare Part D enrollment trends in 2005 and 2006.  The analysis finds that Americans are signing up for health insurance under the ACA at a faster rate than seniors signed up for Medicare Part D.

As of March 17 - with one month to go in the ACA open enrollment period - 5 million individuals have enrolled in health coverage through the exchanges.  

Compared to the Part D experience, the ACA enrollment data are significantly more robust.  When the Part D enrollment period was 92% completed, enrollment was just 58% of CBO’s estimate.  With the ACA enrollment just 83% complete, enrollment is already 71% to 83% of CBO’s estimate, depending on which estimate is used.  This comparison indicates that ACA enrollment is running 22% to 43% ahead of Medicare Part D in the rate of enrollment. 

The complete analysis is available here.